We welcome your submission of descriptions of effective teaching strategies faculty members have used at East Carolina University and that have benefitted you as a college learner! This is an opportunity for you to thank your teachers and contribute to idea sharing among faculty members and students about strong learning environments. From the construction of a syllabus, to the formatting of a quiz or exam, to daily lecture procedures, faculty members constantly make instructional decisions. Your feedback about the instructional choices that help you learn best are respected and appreciated. If you would like to share information about teaching practices (from the very basic to the more involved) that you have found to be effective, please complete the form linked here.

Be sure to provide descriptions of specific instructional strategies. Clear descriptions of syllabus features, classroom routines and policies, lecture techniques, quiz formats, etc. are most helpful here. Simply saying a faculty member is “nice” or “interesting” will give a compliment to one faculty member, but provide little that can be shared with others. The more specific you can be the better! Think of describing the strategy in such a way that others could replicate it.

Please share your preferences for the following:

I would like for my nomination to remain anonymous and do not wish to provide my name and contact information.

Please include my name only in consideration for an ECU branded item from the Dowdy Student Store if the strategy I nominate is featured in an online professional development module.

Please include my name in communication to the faculty member I featured in my strategy nomination.

Feel free to contact me for further information or/and to participate in collaborative faculty/student opportunities that may arise as a result of the strategy I nominated.

Student Name

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1. What would you call the teaching strategy?


2. Describe the instructional strategy, technique, or routine. Please be as specific as possible.


3. Why did you find this strategy, technique, or routine to be effective for you? Please be as specific as possible.


4. Please give the name of the faculty member.

5. Please give the course or department.

Optional Demographic Information

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I am currently, or have been in the past, considered eligible for services for students with disabilities.

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Consent Agreement

Before submitting the form, it is important that you know how the information you submit will be used:

  • You can choose to provide your name or to submit a strategy description anonymously.
  • Faculty members will receive a note saying that an instructional strategy they use in class has been nominated by a former student as an example of effective teaching. You will be asked on the submission form if you prefer for your name to be shared with the faculty member or if you prefer that we keep your nomination anonymous. Your preference will be honored.
  • All instructional strategies submitted will be compiled anonymously for research purposes and may be shared collectively as a part of research reports and presentations related to effective college classroom practices.
  • Selected strategies each semester will be shared more broadly with the campus community. Some strategies will be featured in emails that are disseminated to faculty and staff. Others will be used in professional development opportunities. If the strategy you nominate is chosen to be featured in a faculty professional development online module, you will be eligible to choose from among a group of ECU branded items that were purchased from the Dowdy Student Store. On the nomination form, you can choose to provide your name and contact information to be eligible for this incentive, but request that this identifying information be kept confidential and not be shared for any other purpose.

By submitting an instructional strategy nomination, you are indicating approval for the information you share to be used in these ways. This project is a part of the College STAR initiative. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the project or the use of data collected through these nominations. The people conducting this study will be available to answer any questions concerning this research, now or in the future. You may contact Dr. Sarah Williams, the Principal Investigator at 328-1101 (days, between 8 AM and 5 PM) or by email: williamssar@ecu.edu.

If you have questions about your rights as someone taking part in research, you may call the UMCIRB Office at phone number 252-744-2914 (days, 8:00 am-5:00 pm). If you would like to report a complaint or concern about this research study, you may call the Director of UMCIRB Office, at 252-744-1971.