November 09, 2015 College STAR Shared Learning Summit

The November 2015 College STAR Shared Learning Summit will primarily bring together individuals from a variety of postsecondary settings. The dialogue that occurs during this day-long summit will yield content and guidance for the development of a MOOC focused on creating effective postsecondary settings for students with learning differences. We look forward to collaborating with the NCSU Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and summit participants for an informative and productive day. This summit is by invitation only, and seats are limited. If you already have a registration code, click on the link below to “register” for the summit. If not, please click on “request to participate”. This will enable us to contact you if seats become available.

Summit Schedule:


Dr. Sam Johnston's Presentation Handouts

Below is a list of all the handouts Dr. Sam Johnston used in her presentation.