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"My professor always asked us, "What do you notice?" "What do you think about that?" She did not simply give us the answer. She made us think for ourselves. For the first time, I was required to think about how I did without someone simply telling me. I could reflect on my own experience and think about how I could improve. I knew that my professor knew the answer right away, but she gave me the opportunity to think for myself. I will always remember this and look forward to using this when I am a teacher."
"I am the type of student who cannot learn by reading a book or listening to a lecture, the entire semester we have been actively engaged in the content and this has made it so much easier to grasp."
"It is easy for me to learn when I do not have to worry about writing. Having the power points already in front of me allows me to listen and learn. The in class assignments allow me to apply the information learned to a situation so it is another way of understanding the material."
"Throughout the semester my professor created a schedule for us to use to sign up a time to Skype about ongoing projects. She was very prompt and flexible with her schedule as well! She is always available as needed. The skyping conferences have been a tremendous help in conducting my case study.
" It is tremendously beneficial to have the avenue to directly apply what we have learned with the population of people our class is focused on. My professor is very well planned, prepared and thorough in teaching us all he can about the experience of working with people with disabilities in physical education. It has made the learning process both extremely effective and enjoyable."
"Every class meeting, my instructor writes the words "Do Now" on the board. Underneath, she writes an activity she wants us to complete within the first 10 minutes of class. This routine is effective for me because it gets my mind ready to focus on specific information that we will be covering in class. ...The "Do Now" usually becomes very interactive and encourages collaboration among all students... It helps students get to know one another as well, allowing the classroom to feel like a relaxed atmosphere...."
"It's effective because he makes sure you are involved and notes key points and discussions for test material along with test review questions."
"This strategy involves relating concepts from a lecture to a real life event. Using certain things that have haven't in a students' past helps them closely relate to the topic. For example if my teacher was talking about a symbolic interaction he made several references to certain ECU football teams that did things to help describe how the perspective works. Simply explaining something doesn't help information stick to a student's memory, however when it is linked with a specific event or past time things become much clear."
"His practice exams are the best, because they are very similar to the actual exam and you get 4 extra credit points if you do the practice exam. He emails you back almost instantly and is very encouraging and helpful."
"I don't like teachers who are flabbergasted that you could be possibly asking a question. I don't like it when they act like you should already know the answers to everything. My professor answers any question (simple, silly, or complicated) with a good nature, humor, and to the best of his ability."
"In addition, she provides tests in varying formats in order to capture student's strong points. Some do well on essay, some multiple choice and some fill in the blank. She includes it all. You cannot take one of her tests without in-depth reading and understanding of the material. She even takes the time to explain what each of us did wrong and references we can use. When I pass one of her tests, I feel good. She grades in a caring way - not easy - she's sticks to the facts, but encouraging even if we fail.... She is constantly encouraging and making recommendations. She's very approachable. My instructor has something that can't be taught. You can't teach someone to care. She emits kindness, strength, professionalism, expertise, and a willingness to go the extra mile for her students. I respond to this!" [in reference to an online class]
"Every Monday my chemistry professor organizes a time where students, who are working on the study guide to the chapters, come to work out problems and further explains concepts. He also uses groups to teach each other concepts or work out problems together."
"The strategy used by this professor incorporates real life situations through case studies to enhance the material being lectured on in PowerPoint format. For example, in class we will go through a new section of information being lectured and then the professor has a case study about a real life situation that the students may be put in as a professional that relates to the lecture material."
"My professor has specifically designed outlines for us to bring to class and fill out during lectures. This creates a positive thinking process forcing you to at least write down what you hear. For me, this is the most important part because it doubles my chances of remembering important information. Along with notes and power points, we also watch videos and listen to content related media. He makes several attempts to clarify tricky subjects by utilizing more modern approaches that connect with students on a personal level. The out of class assignments are fun and easy, further enhancing the instructional method. The best part about Dr. Wirtz is his personality when teaching. He always maintains a level-headed and open atmosphere. Even with fifty or more students in the class it is never uncomfortable to raise your hand and answer a question."
"I love the way that my instructor uses different clips, games, discussions and real situations to teach each lesson. She does not stand before us and just lecture we use all the methods above and it makes the class go fast and we learn a lot. We take real life situations and divide into groups and give suggestions that we would use if we were in these situations."
"When learning alternative processes in fine art photography, it is important to look at work done by contemporary artists. My instructor takes this to the next level by contacting artists and arranging to have a videoconference with our class over Skype. She calls these "coffee talks." The artists not only show us their work, but we get to have a real two way conversation with them about their art, technique, practices, and views on art. These "coffee talks" have been extremely valuable because we get so much more out of it than simply looking at work."
"My math professor gives us homework through a computer program called Web Assign. This form of homework is very effective and helpful because it provides math problems that come from the textbook that we use for the class. The math problems each come with an option called "Practice Another Version." This lets the student practice a very similar version of the given problem, and it gives the solution to how to find the answer of that problem. This allows the student to learn how to solve the problem, so that he/she can use the method effectively to solve their very similar homework problem. ... The only way to learn math is through examples and the examples this program provides make it much simpler to learn math concepts."
"My instructor's due dates are predictable and consistent. This helps me not feel overwhelmed when trying to keep up with due dates. ... I know that by Sunday I have to submit an assignment. Her feedback on the assignments is very helpful. It helps to know what she finds important so that if you need to improve, you know what area to focus on."
"My teacher is a tough professor, but I think she does it the right way. We get loads of homework for every class. She takes it up and then grades it for the next class. If we get it back marked with a 0, we have to fix whatever she's marked as incorrect and resubmit it. If we're still wrong, we can resubmit our homework 2 more times. She is always there to help if we bother to take her up on it."
"Sometimes during classroom discussions we will do an activity called a think-pair-share. Our professor will pose a question; we will discuss possible answers with a partner, and then share our answers with the class. This strategy is helpful for me because I am a quiet person. Talking about my ideas with one other person is a lot easier than talking to the whole class. I also love being able to dig deeper than just a simple answer sometimes. This activity really helps you think about your answers."
"My professor goes over a chapter in 3 or 4 days. Once he has covered all the material, he sets a day aside to do practice problems in class. He also gives a practice exam and more practice problems a week before the exam. Chemistry is not an easy subject but he is willing to simplify everything and help us learn the material very well."
"He makes us fill in an outline while listening to the lecture, type our notes, and then study. That way we have multiple types of ways to receive the information. By repeatedly seeing the information we learn it and for people who learn it different ways. It also assists them."
"My professor's Lecture includes audience input which allows us to think more critically and apply it specifically to our industry. Weekly objectives are clearly defined. Weekly assignments are regular and clearly defined."
"He has three Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes and he memorized students' names and faces by the third week of this semester. Every week he gives his students a reading passage that includes writing a reader's blog about the selection and taking a weekly quiz. His lecture revolves around the passage. Also, when a paper is due, he goes over writing processes, strategies, and styles to better our writing."
"Throughout the course students are responsible for reading articles and chapters of book posted on blackboard and responding via blackboard discussion boards. Tuesdays are lecture days and Thursdays are discussion days. Rather than Dr. Perry simply leading the class in discussions on Thursdays, a different group of students is responsible for generating meaningful discussion questions and leading the class in the discussions."
"I have had many teachers use PowerPoint's, but my Research Methods Teacher is by far the best. The course is difficult and I do not find the material interesting; however my teacher makes the class enjoyable. He is enthusiastic just enough to keep my attention. He is thorough without over killing with details. His pace is perfect and the class never seems rushed. He addresses questions immediately, will further explain if necessary and I can feel he really wants all if us to succeed. Class is fun, even though we are talking about the scientific method, data analysis or factorials."
"My teacher has an awesome way of teaching the class. She makes us complete online assignments regarding the chapters we learn in class, but this gives us the opportunity to have a lot of discussion in class and make real life connections. Answering these questions out loud clears all confusion I might have when initially going over the material. I also retain the information longer when having these discussions."
"The teacher begins class with a question and somehow ties it back into the topic of the day. "
"Slides give the basic information that needs to be known, similar to an outline of the chapter. However, his conversations and examples for the material seem to be what makes the material memorable. Thus supporting and heightening a student's intrinsic motivation. Their desire to learn is supported with useful information instead of just the facts."
"My professor provides a lot of examples, videos, handouts, and articles when teaching us a new topic. It is hard to really grasp an understanding of what the teacher really wants you to learn when you are in a distance education class. She has given me a perspective from so many different angles on one topic that I feel like I am totally grasping it. I appreciate all the effort she puts into each module and all the feedback she gives us on each assignment. She really takes the time to read everything and I really feel that I am learning a lot from her class. "
"I thoroughly enjoy daily quizzes as they keep you on your feet to study the weekly material and not wait until the last minute. Providing power points ahead of time is an effective means to follow the lecture and take notes."
"My professor provided clear and concise course expectations prior the beginning of the course and throughout. She emailed the syllabus in December [prior to January beginning of the semester], which enabled me to preview the course requirements and begin planning early. She also responded quickly to any questions or concerns via email. I found this strategy to be extremely effective for me because I have a lot of responsibilities and must therefore prepare in advance in order to meet my goals and be successful."
"My professor tries his best to teach in different ways to help people learn. He will show videos and describe parts that the majority of the class does not understand. He does his part as a teacher and leaves the responsibility as students in our hands. He even made a survey for his students to tell him how they learn the best."
"Papers were turned in in sections instead of at one time. First topics were approved. Second, at least 2 references had to be preapproved. Third, the introduction was approved. Fourth, each rough draft was reviewed with recommendations made by professor before the final draft was due. Constant feedback allows you to know that you are on track and giving the professors what they are looking for. It also gave me plenty of time to make changes before it was too late. Lastly it encouraged me to do my project earlier because I knew I would get in depth feedback and do well on the final paper."
"The professor uses Mediasite within blackboard to show recordings of his class. This software shows a view of the class with the professor visible and a projection screen that he teaches from. The software also shows a window, with just the view of the projection screen that allows for better zoom. When using this method, you see the professor interacting with the class. He goes over the lecture while interacting with the projection of slides or his own writing with the overhead projector. This allows you to see what he is pointing to on the slide or writing in the projection, while also providing a zoomed version of the projection in another pane. As a DE student, what I find most helpful is seeing his interaction with class."
"All students who have had this instructor agree that they have not worked harder in their life to earn their grade, they have never struggled as much to receive a decent grade in a class, but they have never enjoyed or learned more from a class. And this I feel is the most important thing a professor in college should do. He challenges you, makes you stress and worry, holds the highest expectations possible of every student, yet he makes himself available, works with you however you need, and makes sure to help you along the way to ensure you are reaching your maximum potential. Thanks to him, I can say that I truly have had top notch education here."
"I have never had a professor provide me with as many suggestions/comments for my essays as my professor. Most professors only require a final draft for their essays and return them to students with only a few corrections. For this reason, most students don't even read their professor's feedback because it isn't helpful and they already received a grade. His strategy, which requires students to read and utilize professor feedback from multiple submissions, has truly helped me learn how to write effectively in a foreign language."
"The professor consistently gave students graded classroom activities based on what he had just taught in a lecture. These activities could come in the middle of the class period or at the end, so students could not predict when it might come. We therefore had an extra incentive to pay attention constantly."
"My professor implemented Skype conferences. This was extremely beneficial for me as distance education student. The conferences helped make me feel more connected to class and knew I had her support throughout the semester. I felt as though she was more reachable with this added tool and it was more personal than e-mail. This technique let me have a one-on-one conference with my professor."
"He was interactive with the class by walking around the room in open discussion and not just standing behind a podium using a projection screen. He would still use power points but would circulate around the room seeing if everyone was engaged and understanding. This was effective to me because it is different. He called on me quite a few times to challenge my knowledge along with other peers. This was to inform himself if he covered the subject good or was there something we weren't getting."
"My professor makes it clear when each assignment is due and in addition to due dates, she also leads us through various stages of exercises leading up to a better understanding of the supposed topic and structure of papers. She provides examples for every aspect we learn in class to give us something to base our own writing on.... The strategies she uses in teaching help us complete each step to accomplish a well-developed paper."
"The instructor uses videos as well as various pictures and animations throughout her lectures to provide multiple examples of the topic being discussed. The use of short, specific animations keep students focused on what is going on in class. Using animations turns the words used throughout the lecture into something visual that students can see and better understand. Incorporating multiple types of learning strategies into the lectures helps students who are more of visual learners."